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My name is Danielle and I love photography and design. I studied photography in NYIP, the New York Institute of Photography, a few years ago. They have a great program for those that can't go to a normal, physical school.  I am a member of the American Photographer's Association. 

I love photographing automobiles and abandoned/decrepit buildings and places, but I'll take pictures of anything as long as its interesting. My main camera is a digital Canon Rebel T3i. I also have a Canon Rebel XT as a backup and a film Canon Rebel, as well. I also have an old-school Pentax and Yashica with about a million lenses and gadgets.  When I shoot film, I mainly shoot in black & white. I collect old cameras, working or not, although most of my collection is still functioning. 

I enjoy a little urban/rural exploration and many of my pictures come from these adventures. The world needs good explorers to document its history and decline! You can see many more pics from these adventures at although many of these in the albums section are not my own photos. Check out the blog itself by going to: I also take pictures of cemeteries and gravestones for

I'm currently enrolled in Bellevue University for a Bachelor's in Graphic Design. I recently graduated from American Public University with an Associate's in Web Publishing. As well as art and photography, I enjoy writing a lot. I also enjoy drawing - charcoals, pastels, painting, etc...  I am also a member of the Graphic Artist's Guild. 

I have a young son, and love animals - my house is currently home to 1 gecko named Geek, a ball python named Alice, a turtle named Raphael, a total mutt named Charlie and a Doberman mix named Mojo. My son loves to use his camera to take pictures when we go on walks, so I'm starting him out right.

 I love movies and have a huge collection. Horror movies are my favorites, particularly 70s/80s slashers and Universal Monster-era. I am a huge Star Wars fan, as well. But I will watch almost anything, especially the off-the-wall, weird stuff.  I love hard rock and punk music, my favorite bands are Alice Cooper, the Misfits, and the Doors. 

For more about me, check out my Facebook page. You can also check out my DeviantArt page. 


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